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Contact Coon Rapids Volleyball

Contact Coon Rapids Volleyball

Coon Rapids High School Volleyball is filled with passionate, young women who are driven by the common goal of excellence. Excellence is defined as the following: "the quality of being outstanding or extremely good." 'Outstanding' qualities include respect, integrity, standards of character, and ethical behavior. These classifications directly impact the individual and team chemistry and unity. 'Extremely good' qualities include strategy, knowledge, both foundational and advanced skill, determination, and hard-work. It is the intentional objective of Coon Rapids High School Volleyball to emulate this nature.

Furthermore, it is the understanding that volleyball performance is not the highest form of functionality created through athletic excellence. Athletic excellence proves true past a player's competitive career. Volleyball is simply the tool utilized to create mature, respectable, and honorable young people. It embodies structure and provides support and stability. Coon Rapids High School Volleyball strives to nurture an individual as a whole person, rather than simply the part of them that plays the sport. We are growing the next generation of strong, empowered women who will succeed in excellence beyond Coon Rapids. 

Coach Rudzitis and Coon Rapids VB Staff

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