The Cardinal represents energy, importance, faith and power. 

Cardinals can bring color and energy into our lives. 

As the Cardinal red color is symbolic of faith, so it can remind us to "keep the faith" through circumstances that might look bleak, dark and hopeless. 

The call of the Cardinal can come to cheer us up or cheer us on. 

The unique clarity of their call can be used to gain our attention and lift us up from our depression, our sorrow or perhaps our ordinariness. 

The Cardinal's call can call us to do our duty. 

The Cardinal call can tell us to give up any arrogance or appearances we may be holding on to and follow the hope in our heart, a Cardinal hope that will lead us, on our upward journey through life. 


Varsity - Sam Lom (11)

JV - Mikayla Wilber (9), Nicole Post (10)

B-Squad - Ajwato Ongwach (10)

9A - Tatyana Saryee (9)

9B - Amech Joahn (9)



Varsity - Lauren Koss (12)

JV - Samantha Caminati (11), Ellie Biggins (11)

B-Squad - Kaitlyn Smith (10)

9A - Audrey Anderson (9)

9B - Katherine Gohdes (9)